Reiki Training Courses Dorchester, Dorset

Reiki Training Courses Dorchester, Dorset

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My name is James

I Teach Traditional Usui Reiki in and around Dorchester, Dorset, and remotely.

My students learn how to harness the energy to help with physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual Healing.

Reiki is an ancient healing energy, originating in this current form from Japan by a man called Mikao Usui. Its becoming more popular in the Western world and people are really getting to understand it and discover it’s incredible healing powers.

reiki training courses

Reiki Training Courses – Dorchester Dorset

Learn Traditional Mikao Usui Reiki – Become a Healer

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There are typically 3 levels to learning the Reiki energy. I have seen more add-ons and variations but the traditional form of Reiki is taught in three steps/modules/courses.

Reiki 1: Reiki is traditionally taught for self healing. Usui originally helped others to work on them self and to use the energy for self healing and spiritual development.

Reiki 2: This is the level needed to become a registered practitioner. It involves further attunements and empowerment’s to the energy making it stronger. It’s also the introduction to symbols to harness different aspects and frequencies of the energy.

Reiki 3: This is the master / teacher level. There are further attunements and empowerment’s making the energy even stronger and learning the ability to attune and empower others so you can share Reiki. Becoming a master is just the beginning of an incredible journey into your spiritual self.

I offer Reiki session in and around Dorchester Dorset

Hands on sessions with the option to either visit me or I can come to you.

Home Visit: If I visit you I can also do either a bench session where I will need some room to place my therapy bench approx 6.5 ft long, or we can do a dining chair seated session.

Visiting me: I create a lovely relaxing healing environment. I use candles, and incense sticks and relaxing calm music to set the healing scene, all of which aid your own natural healing.

I work from my home which is a lovely old build full of positive energy. You will enjoy the experience and after a few sessions become drawn to the Reiki energy as a wonderful way of life.

reiki healer dorchester