reiki for animals
Frequently Asked Questions

Reiki for Animals – The Best Care for your Best Friend

Reiki for animals! Reiki is universal love and works the same for animals as it does for people, which is great news for our four legged family members.

  • Calming and reduces stress.

  • Helps with pre and post operations.

  • Relieving aches, pains, arthritis, strains and allergies

  • So much more…


“I love animals and feel very strongly that people should not be allowed to buy a pet if they are not able to look after it. Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

Lettie Hubbard

Humans can use universal life healing powers harnessed through reiki to help heal their animals. Reiki for animals is a way where people can support their animals when they are going through difficult times. The healing power of reiki could help an animal recover quickly when sick, develop peaceful acceptance, letting go of worries and judgment. You can fix your pet, and through the reiki powers, you can control the outcome of the spiritual healing. You could place your hands above your pet and allow them to receive the healing energies through the reiki healing process.

Importance of Meditating With Your Animal during Reiki

Through meditations, you can align the purpose of healing animals with the essence of helping each other’s souls. You may allow the animal to lead the reflection and the healing process by soothing them till they are still quiet and relaxed. You can dedicate your spiritual practice for the benefits of your animal, and reiki proposes that no matter the differences in species, it is possible to understand each other through the spiritual world. You could learn to listen to the wisdom of your animal while taking steps to nurture them with compassion and love.

You meditate with your animal daily, as this will help you develop compassion for your pet and other people around you. You can navigate animal health challenges with grace by listening through meditation, which allows you to walk side by side with your dog during the difficult times. You can also deal with your issues like anxiety when you help your animal, as they could help you overcome them through their energy. The more you focus your attention on communication with your pet, the more deeply the healing you will get.

How Reiki for Animals Works

You can let your animal rest in a comfortable position where they feel relaxed and can breathe easily, then open your hands and summon the reiki healing powers. You can place your hands directly on the part of the bird, which is directly affected to help them get the energy they require for healing. If your animal is severely injured and cannot sit still, it could be better to let them stay in their house, or cage and you can place your hands above their house. If you find it challenging to practice reiki, it could help if you found a vet who incorporates reiki in their treatments.

Advantages of Reiki for Animals

• Can help you develop a relationship with your pet

• Can elevate stress, anxiety, nervousness and make them stay calm

• Help your animal heal after surgery

• It can help address issues such as coat, skin and feather issues

• Can help your pet overcome depression

• You can benefit when you learn that you can learn from the soul of the pet as you help them heal

The Bottom Line

Reiki healing proposes that animals can access universal energy sources for healing powers, and you can use these powers to heal your pet. Through meditation, you can connect with the energy source of your animal, which can strengthen your bond and help you improve their health issues. Communicate with the animal so that they are relaxed during the healing process, which helps them receive the healing that comes from reiki for animals.


Frequently Asked Animal Reiki Questions

Here are some quick answers on some of the common questions.

Animal Reiki is using Healing energy on our pets. Reiki energy is in and around us all and is part of every living thing. So using Reiki for animals has proven to help with all kinds of challenges and issues.
We love our pets and class them very much as another family member, its the next strongest bond we have and therefor to love and care for them means doing whats best for them. Reiki is beneficial in so many ways and our beloved pets don’t need to be unwell to have Reiki, I believe they should experience it on a regular basis anyway, to prolong a relaxed, happy and for filling life.
It’s the very same energy used, so our pets get the same benefits of that as we do. The energy is channeled in the same way, the only difference is the pet is in charge in respect to boundaries, how we sit, how long etc. Same loving energy, same benefits.
Brings comfort, improves well being, relaxation, helps further with individual issues such as arthritis, bad joints, wounds healing faster, post surgery healing, during surgery relaxation, can calm a dogs personality. Reiki for animals can also help them in their final days to relax and leave this world in as much comfort as possible.
This depends on the animal. I may need to visit your home or a stable?! or you can bring your pet to me, wherever they will be most comfortable is important as we want this to be a lovely and relaxing experience for them.
Distant healing is also an option and preferred by many. This means that your pet doesn’t even need to come into contact with me and is not disturbed from usual routine or a new face. I prefer to get hands on with them myself, but distant is an option. All I would require is a photo of them, preferably where they sleep.
A session will vary depending on the pet. It may be an animal I can hold, or it may be too big to hold and I would simply sit with them. A horse bigger still and would be me simply petting and talking with the horse while channeling the energy. If I am able to touch the animal then I will, if I am not able to then that is also ok, they will still receive the same energy flow. You will notice most pets lean into the energy, they recognise its there, and even an animal which may not be completely friendly will let their guard down in the Reiki environment.
In a distant healing session I will not even be with them, instead I will be channeling the energy to them, in this instant they don’t need to see or meet with me, Although i do prefer hands on with them. At least Distant Reiki is an option where needed.
In some cases our pets can get massive benefits and results in one session, while others can take a few. I always recommend that we look to approx 3 sessions on average so you have a game plan up front, but we would let the Reiki decide and what is needed, it will be apparent when they have had enough and you will know.
You will know. You will instinctively choose the correct Reiki practitioner knowing that your pet is need of help. The very fact you are reading this means you have questions and are already pursuing this route. I suggest you get in contact with me on 07808545292 or to discus things further and to possible set something up for the pet in question.