Distant Healing

Reiki healing powers are associated with Japanese traditional medicine, and it is a form of energy therapy. Although reiki therapy faces a lot of skepticism, it is still becoming popular, especially in western societies. This energy therapy involves the transfer of energy through hand-laying, and its advocates say that it can treat many conditions and uplift mood. Studies show that there is reiki has little effect in treating diseases but could slightly reduce pain.

Distant Healing With Reiki

Since reiki proposes that you can harness life energy for healing, it is possible to get distance healing. Reiki suggests that humans are more than their physical bodies and that they have an aura of energies that should be nourished. Failing to sustain these human energies could affect emotions that vibrate at different frequencies. The variations in human energy vibrations can receive and send information to other universal energies. The human emotional energies are responsible for a person’s feelings, and they can extend to about 1 to 3 inches from the physical body. The mental energy guides human thoughts and other mental processes, and they extend to about 3 to 8 inches from the body.

  • Distant healing using reiki symbolsFor one to achieve distant healing using reiki energy therapy, they have to empower their hands and access their life energy by the use of a Usui power symbol. If you do not know what a Usui symbol is, you can consult your reiki master who will guide you on memorizing and using the symbol. You can give yourself 15 minutes after invoking the Usui healing symbol; you invoke the distant healing symbol by saying is name three times. You should also visualize the person you could be sending the healing to, and the reiki healing powers could enter their bodies and fill them slowly. As they are filled with the distant healing powers of the reiki energy, they start feeling better emotionally and physically. The energy could then begin to radiating, and they could glow with healing power.
  • Communicate with the healing recipientIt is best if you have a conversation with the person first before sending reiki healing powers this will allow them to stay calm, and develop positive feelings which invite the healing energies. When their brain is working, and their thoughts flow smoothly, it makes it easy for the person to get healed. Reiki could fill them up and restore their spirit as energy could be linked directly to their realms. You can ask the recipient of reiki healing about their mental state and if they have too much in their mind as this could help them to release their stress. Moreover, it is better to prepare them to help address all of the level of their being.

The Bottom Line

Reiki energy healing proposes that one has access to the universal life energy and that it is possible to harness this life energy and use them for healing. It is, therefore, possible to practice distant healing with reiki as you need to access the life energy and send healing to another person. It would help if you communicated with the person you want to get healed as it helps them prepare to get the power and healing by preparing their mind.