Book your distant healing by James from this page

Book your distant healing by James from this page

reiki dorchester

Highly Recommended!

“James suggested that he would be able to relive the pain by a remote healing….I was up for anything to assist at the time because I just wanted to be able to do stuff around the garden and just walk without pain, I was staggered at the pain relief that seemed to just happen!!”

“I have had reiki with James several times now both on a 1:1 basis and also distance healing and he is amazing. I would highly recommend giving Reiki a try with James, you will not be disappointed”

3 booking options

  • 1 session£25 for 40 minutes distant healing
  • 2 sessions£45 for 40 minutes each, distant healing
  • 3 sessions£60 for 40 minutes each distant healing

All of the packages are great value, it gives you the option to do simple one off top-ups as and when you choose or to save when buying in bulk.

Fill in form below to get started or simply select your sessions from drop down.

reiki dorchester


You can request a text back option from me here, or simply pay for a session below to book.

Distant healing

How to prepare for your session, what to expect.

If you have already experienced a hands on session with myself you will notice that I create a healing environment. I like the session to be a true healing experience and I strongly recommend you recreate the same on the distant healing sessions at home.

We will arrange a time of healing, and to prepare for this I recommend you to find a space at home where you will not be interrupted for a good 40 minutes. I would like you to play some nice meditation background music and burn a nice smelling candle or incense stick.

Once we have the time set and you have everything you need the rest is down to me. You simply lay calmly and take time out. Except the healing and look for that space in your mind where you can relax. I suggest being ready 5 minutes before we start and I will message you just after.