Reiki Master Dorchester

My name is James Galloway

Im a Reiki Master / Teacher living in Dorchester

I am a father of 5 wonderful children and the husband to the most amazing wife. Please check out my wife’s website here Becci Galloway Mediumship (spiritualmamma).

I help people to get through tough times, whether it be with spiritual, psychological, emotional or physical. I use various forms of treatments to carry out one to one session to give the ultimate experience in healing. For years I have been drawn to helping others and I have had a huge interest in service to others. I don’t mind in saying that I am on a journey of spiritual awakenings and guidance towards where I am now, and this is why what I do means so much.

For me, having a session is an experience. Everything is about the client, and my aim is to make sure they get the very best possible for the higher good.